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Azarius is one of the most trusted smartshops out there.They really have a great support, a lot of products, I really recommend this one.

Products: *****       
Support: *****       Delivery: *****

Shamanic Extracts is a great manufacturer of different extracts.They sell viable kratom seeds and I like their other products very much.They sell dried cacti too and their baby woodrose was the best and strongest I´ve ever had.Delivery was lightning-fast ! (2 days from NL to AT)

Products: *****           Support: *****           Delivery: *****


If you like Spice, Smoke and other blends, this is for you ! Discreet delivery (you can have spice un-labelled too), also has some other smart-products.

Products: ****            Support: ***             Delivery: *****

Magic World of Mushrooms

If you want to grow mushrooms (and don´t want to get a ready-to-grow box) this site is the best for you. Great site for all fungi-lovers. Trusted site, good support !

Products: ****                Support: ****              Delivery: ****

Shayana is another trusted smartshop from NL. Not as cheap as Azarius, but has some "special" things from time to time , you will not find elsewhere (at least not that easy...)

Products: ****                       Support: ***                Delivery: ****

Another quality Head and Smartshop from The Netherlands !

Products: ****               Support: ***        Delivery: ****

VapoShop is a great source for all your vaporizer-needs !
Great customer service and even better products, fast shipping !

Products: *****             Support: ****              Delivery: ****


Bouncing Bear Botanicals, located in the USA have a lot of herbs you will not get anywhere else !
Great Quality and good Support ! Shipping can last a little longer as long as you order from Europe.

Products: *****                Support: *****                   Shipping: ***** (to USA) *** (to Europe)

I Am Shaman is another of these ethobotanical stores that are just great !
Many products, located in the USA, so ordering from Europe can last a little longer.

Products: *****              Support: *****                Shipping: ***** (to USA)       *** (to Europe)

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